Cheam Woodturners Information

Each month we send out an e-news, which contains a short review of the previous month's demonstration together with up to date information on forthcoming events, shows and other items of interest.

November (Surrey Hills Wood Fair, OGM, Ed Oliver demo, Show Table & Frank Clarke Competition)
October (Turner in Focus-David Morgan, August & September club demos, OGM Notice, AGM brief notes)
January  (Editor steps down, Kenneth Sciacaluga,vNo meetings until Elmcroft re-opens)

December (Turner in Focus - Brian Chaves, committee vacancies, Covid survey)
November (Turner in Focus - Peter Westermann, Mark Baker RIP, Committee vacancies, Virtual Show Table)
October (Turner in Focus - Geoff Knights, Health & Safety, Committee vacancies, Virtual Show Table)
September (Turner in Focus - Richard Hoodless, Back to normal!, Virtual Show Table)
August (Turner in Focus - Roger Marsden, Rules for Elmcroft meeting , Virtual Show Table)
July (Turner in Focus-Jeff Crdery, Emiliano Achaval -IRD from Hawaii)
June Lockdown Issue (Emiliano Achaval IRD Demonstration, Virtual Show Table, Turner in Focus - Jeff Cordery)

May Lockdown Issue (Virtual Show Table, Turner in Focus - David Buskell)
April Lockdown Issue (Virtual Show Table, Turner in Focus - Tony Bryan, article on woodworking dangers and safety measures)
March Lockdown Issue (Virtual Show Table, Turner in Focus - Derek Dowle)
February (Robert Sorby Tools)
January (AGM and Club Night)

December (Frank Clarke Competition)
November (Remote Demo with Cindy Drozda)
October (Chris Grace makes a Bangle Box)
September (Club night -Finishes)
August (Rafael Santoliquido)
July (Alan & Lauren Zenreich)
June (You Can Be The Judge Club Evening)
May (Hands-On Club Evening)
April (Les Thorne)
March (Gregory Moreton)
February (AGM and US Live Remote Demo)
January (Frank Clarke Competition)

December (Brian Cockerill)
November (Pat O'Connell)
October (Stewart Furini)
September (Ed Oliver)
August (Sharpening)
July (EGM and Spinning tops competition)
June (Martin Saban-Smith)
May (EGM and Hands On)
April (Jason Breach)
March (Greg Moreton)
February (AGM and Jimmy Clewes DVD)
January (Frank Clarke Competition)

December (Shaun Clifford)
November (Chris Grace)
October (Kevin Hutson)

September - no issue
August (Club Night)
July (Mark Baker)
June (Club Night)

May (Club Night)
April (Ornamental Turning)
March (Phil Jones)
February ( AGM and Peter

January (Frank Clarke Challenge)


December (John Plater)

November (Mark Hancock ties wood into knots)
October (Chris Grace makes a winged bowl)
September (lessons learnt!)

August (Mark Baker demonstration)
July (B J Norman demonstration)
June (Alex Bellringer and Francois Greeff demonstrations)
May (Paul Howard demonstration, jigs)

April (Chris Taylor, ball-in-cube demonstration)
March (Jason Smith colour and texture)
Febuary (AGM, Alex Bellringer Celtic pen design)
January (Christmas social and Frank Clarke competition)


December (Jennie Starbuck demonstration)
November (Greg Moreton demonstration)
October (Les Thorne demonstration)
September (Meet the Voles!)
August (Simon Hope demonstration)
July (Richard Findley, demonstration)
June (Peter Westermann. demonstration)
May (Paul Howard, demonstration)
April (John Plater, demonstration)
March (Richard Hoodless, Carshalton Fair)
February (AGM, World of Woodturners, new committee)
January (Alex Bellringer demonstration, Frank Clarke competition)


December (Chris Grace demonstration)
November (Chris Taylor demonstration)

October (Shaun Clifford demonstration)
September (refinishing)
August (Mark Baker demonstration)
July (Jason Breach demonstration)
June (Hands-on club night)
May (Greg Moreton demonstration)
April (World Wood Day celebrations)
March (Richard Findley demonstration)
February (AGM Review)
January (Christmas Social, Frank Clarke competition)



December (Club night Gadgets and Gizmos)
November (Club night - design considerations)
October(Mark Raby, Wood finishing)
September (Derek Blake Pompey Penmaker demonstration)
August(Tim Lawson, how to cut up a log and Jeff Cordery — bowlsaver)
July (Gary Rance demonstration)
June (John Stinson demonstration)
May (Tony Handford demonstration)
April (Jennie Starbuck demonstration)
March (Simon Hope demonstration)
February (AGM review)
January (Christmas Social, Frank Clarke competition)


December (Richard Findlay review — table legs and walking sticks)
November (EGM and club night — workholding)
October (Mark Sanger demonstration)
September (club evening Olympic theme)
August (Review — Gary Rance demonstration)
July (Review — Side grain natural edge bowls — Peter Westermann)
June (Greg Moreton review — Table lamp from banksia nuts and monkey puzzle)
May (Club night — topic: finishing)
April (Mark Baker review)
March (Les Thorne review)
February (AGM review)
January (review Frank Clarke Competition)


December (review Alan Hazel, spindle turning)
November (review Terry Smart, Chestnut products)
October (review Tony Walton, thin-wall vessels)
September (review — discussion, pricing and design)



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