Hints and Tips

The Basics of Workholding (credit American Woodturning) - Understanding the basic concepts of workholding on the lathe

Endless Loop Forming Sphere by Jamie Shears, created for his Frank Clarke Christmas competition entry

List of Timber Suppliers - created by David Buskell for the April Club night

Does it have to be round? - An article by Gordon Cookson on shaped vessels using an MDF rose engine (A beginner’s efforts)

The art of critique - article by Jim Christiansen for the AAW Journal

Introduction to critique for woodturners - article by Jim Christiansen and David Buskell for Woodturning magazine

In my honest opinion - article by John Plater for Woodturning magazine

Alan & Lauren Zenreich - Biogs and info on demo on June 19th

You Can be the Judge - Critiques - Torwards Perfection An article by Gordon Cookson on his subject of critique