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Cheam Woodturners produced, with thanks to the editors, 43 quarterly newsletters from June 2000 to December 2010, when unfortunately we were unable to find someone prepared to devote themselves to this undertaking. It has now been replaced by the monthly e—news, but these newsletters are interesting and informative and still worth browsing through.

They are all in pdf format which you can download by clicking on the links below:

Issue 43

 Issue 43(512kb)  — December 2010 
Memories are made of this — pictures from the past year (Ron Grace): Editor bows (bales?) out — after eight years the newsletter editor calls it a day (!) (Ron Grace): Woodworm worries? — help for members suffering infestations (Gordon Cookson): Annual General Meeting — date and agenda for our annual fun evening (David Buskell): Open Forum — details for the next discussion: Programme — dates for next year. 

Description: Issue 42

Issue 42(493kb)  — September 2010 
Shop window shows a profit — Sutton Arts Group gives CWA a shop window to show off its work (Jeff Cordery): Experiences of a beginner turner — John Dye continues his series: Glue advice — Jeff Cordery offers a sticky tip: A good result — learner Bob Higgins  shows off his efforts (Ron Grace): The Grange — a festival day out for turners (Tony Bryan): Worshipful Company winners — Richard Hoodless scoops two awards: Wood allergies — Gordon Cookson passes on some vital information: Belmont Festival — highly successful event with good sales contributing to Royal Marsden Hospital (Brian Ash): We merge for a trip — CWA and Surrey Woodturners share a coach for Stiles and Bates open day (Jeff Cordery): Ashtead Fair, July demo, August hands on — picture stories of recent events (Ron Grace).

Description: Issue 41




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Issue 41(493kb)  — June 2010 
All hands on lathes — report on and pictures of May practical evening (Ron Grace): A tale of a cheeseboard — adventures in making a very big item without a chuck recess (John Dye): Turnings and tools — donate unwanted projects and tools to two worthwhile charities (David Dawson): Toolpost invitation — Peter Hemsley invites members to the Toolpost Spring Open House on June 25 and 26: Need more timber? — Westonbirt Arboretum sells some nice varieties on the second Sunday every month: Got a VB or Hegner? — Technology Supplies has acquired Hegner: Yew puzzler — a piece of yew proved difficult to turn during the May practical evening, so here is the answer (David Buskell). 

Description: Issue 40

Issue 40(480kb)  — March 2010 
Frank Clarke competition — Richard Hoodless wins again! (Ron Grace): Contributors appeal — for more members to write to the editor (John Dye): Money—saving tip — save on Racal batteries (David Dawson): Problem solved — the double grubscrew trap (David Curnow): Hot Stuff — arts and crafts in Croydon (David Buskell): Insurance — make sure you know the rules (David Buskell): The Magnificent Seven — club experts host beginners' learning sessions: More pictures — of the December competition (Ron Grace): Chainsaw beauty — amazing animal sculptures from Tennessee (Mark Scott): Plater's presentation — pictures of a master and his work (Ron Grace) 

Description: Issue 39

Issue 39(632Kb)  — December 2009 
Chairman's Christmas message — challenges, progress and opportunities : Making our presence felt: members give up their time to wave the flag at exhibitions (David Buskell) — Memories are made of...: pictures from the last three club nights (David Buskell) — January AGM and forum: members invited to give their views — Like the new layout?: editor seeks members' views on A5 format — Looking after yourself: workshop tips garnered by Gordon Cookson — Andrew Griffiths says farewell: after many years' membership, our former chairman decides to depart. 

Description: Issue 38

Issue 38(1.1Mb)  — September 2009 
Club HQ move: goodbye North Cheam Sports, hello Elmcroft (Ron Grace) — A feast for turners: Loughborough 2009 report (Gordon Cookson) — Toys and Games: Frank Clarke competition reminder — Next newsletter: copy and pictures needed — July demo report: Simon Hope adds metal to wood (Fred Cannings) — Grange welcomes CWA: July festival a success (Tony Bryan and David Buskell) — Full Circle: CWA raises £256 for St George's Hospital Full Circle Fund 

Description: Issue 37 extra

Issue 37 extra(212Kb)  — August 2009 extra
We're on the move............... 

Description: Issue 37



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Issue 37(817Kb)  June 2009 
Changes afoot: children's toys and games for next Frank Clarke competition (Ron Grace) — Larg House outing: club supports Marsden hospital event (David Buskell) — Chris Pouncy visit: Sorby equipment demonstrated (Chris Barrett) — Tips from Chris Eagles: report on MWA seminar (Gordon Cookson) — Sutton Association of Woodworkers: invitation to star attraction on July 9 — Fred Cannings reports on demos: John Johnson (March) and Dave Reeks (May) — Turnaround: proud of your work? Then show it to others (Ron Grace) — Club raffle star prizes: Stiles and Bates donate, Jeff Cordery collects.


Issue 36(898Kb) — March 2009 
AGM: five new faces join committee — Frank Clarke competition: entries bore little fruit! (Ron Grace) — Club demonstrations: what they do for me (Gordon Cookson) — You are not alone: where to find advice on the net (David Buskell) — Editorial: volunteers needed; 'elf 'n' safety invasion (Ron Grace) — AGM minutes: copies available — Fred Cannings' reports: Phil Irons, the man with the hat — Christmas social: experts turn trees 

Description: Issue 35

Issue 35(472Kb)  — December 2008 
Frank Clarke competition: something fruity (Ron Grace) — Chairman resigns: thanks to Andrew Griffiths (Ron Grace) — Thank you: but more help needed (Jennie Starbuck) — A story to inspire: Roger Hall and Cygnet (Gordon Cookson) — New face at top table: temporary chairwoman (Jennie Starbuck) — Seven workshops later: saga of aiming for the ideal (Malcolm Martin) — Fred Cannings' reports: Dave Springett, Colin Simpson and Reg Slack 

Description: Issue 34





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Issue 34(978Kb)  — September 2008 
Casting long shadows: superb candlesticks in Frank Clarke competition (Ron Grace) — Emerald Isle notes: mortar and pestle problems (Lesley Clarke) — Technical tips: advice from a Ray Key seminar (Gordon Cookson) — Alec Gibson remembered: members pay tribute to a deceased friend — Screw threads and a masterclass: John Berkeley and Mark Hancock demonstrations in June and July (Fred Cannings) — If you go down to the woods today: John Stinson entices members to carve, camp and use pole lathes in the woods (David Buskell) — Cheam best in Maeldune show: Kingston upon Thames mayor, Councillor David Berry chooses CWA stand — Yandles: pictures to whet your appetite (Ron Grace) — Turnaround: musings from the editor 

Description: Issue 33

Issue 33(4.78Mb)  — June 2008 
Don't slave, copy: making 60 stair spindles the easy way (Andrew Griffiths) — Make a candlestick: for the next Frank Clarke competition — Your Club Needs You: club shop plea from shopmaster Alec Gibson — Life at Bevel's Rub: more news from County Kerry (Lesley Clarke) — A woodturner living in Ealing: limerick time (Gordon Cookson) — Personalities in focus: Graeme Boast (Phoenix) — Welcome Ray: new shop helper signs up — Key thoughts on design: report on Ray Key's talk to Middlesex club (Gordon Cookson) — Alexandra Palace show: pictures of the event (Fred Cannings) — Club meeting reports: April and May demos (Fred Cannings) — The Brian and Peter show: pictures of members' layering and segmentation demonstrations (Ron Grace) — Programme: 2009 events start to appear 

Description: Issue 32

Issue 32(1.3Mb)  — March 2008 
Frank Clarke competition: latest winners revealed (Ron Grace) — News from the Kingdom of Kerry: Lesley Clarke tells about her turning experiences — Chairman's report: the essence of Andrew Griffiths' AGM remarks — Secretary's report: how we did during the past year — Wizardry in Wood: Alec Gibson reports on his visit to this exhibition — Future events: some destinations you may like to attend (Jennie Starbuck) — Personalities in focus: John Stinson (Phoenix) — Ten—minute turn: experts demonstrate their skills to make christmas decorations (Ron Grace) — Colin Ford interview: reprint from local newspaper — Alexandra Palace show: Jennie Starbuck reports on the event. 

Description: Issue 31

Issue 31(122Kb)  — December 2007 
What's your resolution?: Chairman Andrew Griffiths pens his Christmas message — The next Frank Clarke competition: a decorated rim platter (Ron Grace) — An attentive, captive audience: Sutton Environmental Fair report (Phoenix) — Personalities in Focus: Alec Gibson comes under the microscope (Phoenix) 

Description: Issue 30



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Issue 30(2.1Mb)  — September 2007 
A splash of colour: the latest Frank Clarke competition (Ron Grace) — AWGB Loughborough seminar: focussing on Japanese turner Yasuhiro Satake (David Buskell) — A good day out: CWA invited to take part in the Surrey Association of Woodturners' Open Day (Jennie Starbuck) — Personalities in Focus: Keith Arscott interviewed by our correspondent Phoenix — June and July meetings: Fred Cannings reports on the two events — A worthy winner: Neil Innes wins the timber identification competition — Special events: the advantages of club events (Jennie Starbuck) 

Description: Issue 29

Issue 29(809Kb)  — June 2007 
Help for school: CWA provides timber and encouragement (David Buskell) — You say...: thoughts on hollow form turning (Brian Ash) — All fired up: timber in rhyme (Gordon Cookson) — Textures and threads: Colin Simpson recommends boomerangs! (Leigh Hellings) — Running rings around a goblet: Chris Barker demonstrates the technique (Malcolm Martin) — Quotable quotes: useful hints for turners (Gordon Cookson) — Club shop: good prices for all members (Alec Gibson) 

Description: Issue 28

Issue 28(252Kb)  — March 2007 
Hollow victories: hollow form winners in the Frank Clarke competition (Ron Grace) — Chairman's report: Andrew Griffiths mulls over the past year — Personalities in Focus: Brian Ash is first under the microscope (Phoenix) — Background story: new events secretary Jennie Starbuck tells all — December meeting: the new lathe gets an outing — January pics: Les Thorne shows how to turn thinly — Art or Craft?: in which category goes woodturning? (Gordon Cookson) 

Description: Issue 27


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Issue 27(761Kb)  — December 2006 
£3,000 Lottery award: buys lathe, chuck, generator and accessories (Andrew Griffiths) — Christmas greetings: from Chairman and Editor — Victory timber: new life for HMS Victory oak (Gordon Cookson) — Nuts!: they make beautiful bowls, says Tony Walton (Alan Elkins) — Monkey business: making a monkey puzzle bowl beaten by electrics, so Greg Moreton makes a goblet — Can you be eventful?: an events secretary in needed (Jeff Cordery) 

Description: Issue 26

Issue 26(627Kb)  — September 2006 
Frank Clarke Memorial competition: Richard Hoodless takes top prize again (Ron Grace) — August meeting: members practise their skills (Alan Elkins) — Shaving horse on show: John Stinson demonstrates — Learning opportunity: Report on the hands—on event (Richard Hoodless) — Let the light shine through: Brian Wooldridge on thin—wall turning (Geoffrey Vicars) — Oil finishes and allergies: guidelines on precautions to take (Gordon Cookson) — Handling a burr: Dave Reeks makes three bowls from one piece of wood (Alan Elkins) 

Description: Issue 25

Issue 25(548Kb)  — June 2006 
Ashtead fete: picture coverage (Ron Grace) — Frank Clarke competition: anything goes! — Medal winner: Richard Hoodless wins silver at Ornamental Turners (Ron Grace) — Hon. Sec: David Buskell takes on AWGB job — Clarke Awards: rules clarified — Westonbirt Arboretum: sales dates — Traditional turning: John Stinson reports a successful day — Gary Rance evening: banksias and onlays (Andrew Griffiths) — Wood harvest: cherrypicking with a chainsaw (John Stinson) — Mission accomplished: demo encourages young turners(David Buskell) — Threading evening : John Berkeley says smaller is easier (Geoffrey Vicars) — Slices make savings — Gordon Cookson advises on special timbers — Bobbins and bowls: Alan Hazel works in wood, plastic and metal (Richard Hoodless) 

Description: Issue 24



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Issue 24(701Kb)  — March 2006 
Chairman's report: young turners encouraged — New faces: committee welcomes Stuart Adey and Colin Ford (David Buskell) — Frank Clarke competition: high standard of platters entered — Middlesex entertains Cheam: friendly meeting of like minds (David Buskell) — My wonderful new workshop: how a member planned and built his den — Go West, young man: news of the new Turn West 2006 seminar — Jennie decorates: unusual effects demonstrated at January meeting — Saving valuable timber: ElmAware project offers timber for turners 

Description: Issue 23

Issue 23(570Kb)  — December 2005 
Chairman's Christmas Greetings — Cindy Drozda tips: report on her demonstration in Ripon (Gordon Cookson) — Hands On: members enjoyed a great day with Colin Ford (Ron Grace) — AGM: notice of meeting in February — November meeting: Jimmy Clewes gives a superb masterclass (Tony Bryan) — Bumper attendance: AWGB representative, Middlesex club, Worcester scouts and Cheam members fill the hall — Julie Heryet demonstrates: tips gleaned from her Ripon demo (Gordon Cookson) — Axminster show report: one of the best events we've been to (Malcolm and Brigitte Squires) — Simpson steps in: Woodturning magazine editor Colin Simpson fills the gap when a demonstrator falls ill (Alan Elkins) — Burr from Oz: in September John Davis turned a winged bowl from red mallee (Colin Ford) 

Description: Issue 22

Issue 22(541Kb)  — September 2005 
Frank Clarke Awards competition: top—notch entries from the few (Ron Grace) — Bowl for £1: Brian Ash shows how it is done — Sell your turnings for charity?: Gift Aid maximises the benefit — Lovely patterns: tips garnered from David Nittmann (Gordon Cookson) — AWGB Seminar report: an excellent event at Loughborough (Malcolm Martin) — Want a tree?: David Buskell explains club policy — Youngest professional demonstrates: Chris Barker gives members some tips (David Buskell) — Chris Pouncey evening: Sorby equipment on show (Andy Masters) — Tips for banksia turning: expert advice from Cindy Drozda (Gordon Cookson) — Latest additions to our library 

Description: Issue 21






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Issue 21(633Kb)  — June 2005 
Frank Clarke Awards competition: rules changed to boost entries — Weird and Wonderful: report on March demonstration by Guy Ravine (John Stinson) — Too expensive for eggs: my experiments with alternative materials (Brian Ash) — An evening with Bill Care: variety demonstrated during April club night (Malcolm Martin) — Title wanted: Tim Lawson's creation needs a name — Flavours of the Orient: Jason Breach shows eastern promise in May (Andy Masters) — A different view: alternative thoughts on Jason Breach (Gordon Cookson) — Essex well turned: a lady's eye—view of TurnEssex 2005 (Pam Pierce) — Stop shaving and save cash: making the most of expensive timbers (Richard Hoodless) — Slippy and resistant: a useful tip from a naval engineer (Brian Reynolds) — Libary news: latest listings (Malcolm Martin) — Eggsperts: thank you, turners, for your charitable eggs (Brian Ash) — Don't throw old mags away: your club can make money with them!

Description: Issue 20

Issue 20(897Kb)  — March 2005 
Chairman sums up: past year successful with just small setbacks (Ron Grace) — Secretary David Buskell's report: shortage of committee volunteers results in five existing members being re—elected — Christmas social: a great success with quizzes, sales and practical work topping the bill (Ron Grace) — Magic!: superb entries in all three Frank Clarke competition classes — Club shop: enthusiastic Don and Alec take over — Walnut bonus: high winds destroy a tree and the club reaps a harvest (David Buskell) — Editor Elect: member Colin Simpson to edit Woodturning magazine 

Description: Issue 19

Issue 19(121Kb)  — December 2004 
Chairman’s greetings for Christmas and the new year – Eggsperts: members rise to the egg challenge for charity – Open day: report from SL Hardwoods on a successful day – Schouten on Sherwin: Hendrik’s comments about Reg Sherwin’s demonstration in September – Carshalton Fair: pictures and report on August bank holiday outing 

Description: Issue 18

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Issue 18(1.1Mb)  — September 2004 
Lesley Clarke visits: adds a cash prize to Frank Clarke award winners (David Buskell) – The mortar and pestle men: pictures of winners and their creations – Octagonal boxes: July club evening demonstration by Bob Chapman (Ron Grace) – Japanese forms: Mark Baker of Woodturning demonstrates in June (Fred Cannings) – Pictures from Wallington: members show off their wares 

Description: Issue 17

Issue 17(761Kb)  — June 2004 
Superb demos for club evenings: reports on and pictures of club activities (Ron Grace) — Become an eggspert: turn eggs for charity plea — News from Kerry; Lesley Clarke wries about turning in Eire — Frank Clarke competition project: a mortar and pestle — Nearly 60: a lathe I built in 1945 (Frank Agnew) — Ashtead Fair report: likely recruits plus action pictures (Ron Grace) 

Description: Issue 16

Issue 16(256Kb)  — March 2004 
Chairman reports highs and lows during 2003 (Ron Grace) — Committee needs fresh blood! David Buskell) — The Wibbly Wobbly Spiral gold candlestick (Malcolm Martin) Ashes to ashes an East London tree harvest (John White) — Just an idea (Graham Wood) — Turnaround — Library news from Malcolm Martin plus news of dates and meetings for 2004 etc...

Description: Issue 15



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Issue 15(491Kb)  — December 2003 
Chairman’s Greetings — Rules and Guidlines for the 2nd Frank Clarke Memorial Award competition — Notice of Annual General Meeting — The International Turning Exhibition (David Buskell) — Three-centre manoeuvres A report on a club night twisty demonstration (Fred Cannings) — TOOLS 2003 The Axminster Show (your roving reporter) — Woodworking at the Palace — Wheels within wheels — Turnaround — Keep them sharp (Ron Grace) — Library news from Malcolm Martin — plus news of dates and meetings for 2004 etc...

Description: Issue 14

Issue 14(317Kb)  — September 2003 
The Frank Clarke Awards — Christmas is a coming — 2004 programme — Comments on the Yandles show (Ron Grace and David Buskell) — At the fairs, pictures from CWA displays at the Sutton Environmental Fair and at the local Scouts Summer Fair — From the editor (Roger Marsden) — plus news of dates and meetings for 2004 etc...

Description: Issue 13

Issue 13(61Kb)  — June 2003 
Frank Clarke The Association and its Committee were shocked and saddened to hear of his untimely death — Show report — Yandles (Fred Cummings) — The March Meeting (Graham Wood) — Air Filter Construction (Ron Grace) — The Frank Clarke awards — Chestnut Products — Terry Smart (Peter Westermann) — plus news of dates and meetings for 2003 etc...

Description: Issue 12

Issue 12(27Kb)  — March 2003 
The AGM Review (David Buskell) — My Experience of four years turning (Roger Marsden) — Shop Corner — English Hardwoods (English Hardwoods) — Build your own Budget Dust Extractor (Don Cording) — plus news of dates and meetings for 2003 etc...

Description: Issue 11


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Issue 11(67Kb)  — December 2002 
Chairman’s Christmas message (Andrew Griffiths) — Irish Guild Seminar and a drink with Frank (Andrew Griffiths) — Reports from Yandles, Hackbridge and Wisley (Brian Ash and Roger Marsden) — The Club Library (Malcolm Martin) — Planned visit to Styles & Bates — Timber Drying (Francis Clauson) — Tips from Bob French — 2003 Diary — News from the Emerald Isle (Frank Clarke) — plus news of dates and meetings for 2003 etc...

Description: Issue 10

Issue 10(197Kb)  — September 2002 
Club Shows at Worcester Park in July and at Sutton in August — To Show or not to Show? (Dr Tim Lawson RPT) — Worcester Park Scouts Fete (Andrew Griffiths, Chairman) — Sutton Environmental Fair (Jeff Cordery, Events Organiser) — Meeting Reviews (Alan Pattison, Malcolm Martin and Henk Schouten) — Hints and Tips (Richard Hoodless and Harry Bell) — Time for a clear out? (David Dawson) — Ataste of what's to come in 2003 — plus news of dates and meetings for 2002 etc...

Description: Issue 9

 Issue 9(93Kb) — June 2002 
Single Sheet Newsletter This is our first and hopefully last one page newsletter. More input is needed from members. Let the editor have something, however short. — Hints & Tips (Richard Hoodless)— plus news of dates and meetings for 2002 etc...

Description: Issue 8

Issue 8 — March 2002 
Under New Management!(Roger Marsden) — Hands On Day (Andrew Thompson) — Post Stroke Turning (Harry Bell) — Who’s Who on the committee — Missed Out? (Newsletter index) — Hints & Tips (Richard Hoodless) — A letter from Ireland (Frank Clarke) — plus news of dates and meetings for 2002 etc...

Description: Issue 7


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Issue 7  — December 2001 (Bumber Christmas Issue) 
Show Time (Two views of the Axminster Show by Graham Wood and Jeff Cordery) — Banksia Cob Candlesticks (Gregory Moreton) — Turners at Wisley (David Buskell) — A Useful Tip (More tips from club members) — Whos Who (Jeff Cordery, our Events Secretary) — Shop Talk (New Look Yandle's) — Unwanted Hand Tools (David Dawson) — Thanks to Frank (Harry Bell) — plus news of dates and meetings for 2002 etc...

Description: Issue 06

Issue 6 — October 2001
AN EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEETING (David Buskell FCIS) — Handy Tips (More tips from club members) — Shop Talk (Stiles and Bates, Craft Supplies and Derby Woodturning Centre) — Who's Who (David Buskell, our new club secretary) — plus news of dates and meetings etc...

Description: Issue 05

Issue 5 — June 2001
If (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling) — Hands On — 100 to 1 and still going strong! (David Buskell) — Seal of Approval (by Terry Smart of Chestnut Products) plus news of dates and meetings etc..

Description: Issue 04

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Issue 4— March 2001
BIG FRANK GOBSMACKED — Art versus Craft (A reply to Tim Lawson by Peter Westermann) — Hints &Tips — Dust Management in Woodturning (A personal overview by Frank Clarke) — January 2001 One Year On — plus news of dates and meetings etc...

Description: Issue 04b

Picture Suplement 4 — March 2001
The Fetcham Beech

Description: Issue 03

Issue 3 — December 2000
Cheam Library — Safty First (Terry Smart of Chestnut Products) — Hints and Tips (Making the most of expensive materials) — Art versus Craft (Dr Tim Lawson) — Big, Busy, Friendly and a hell of a buzz !! (The Axminster Show by David Buskell) — plus news of dates and meetings etc...

Description: Issue 02

Issue 2 — October 2000
Who's Who (Andrew Griffiths, Colin Simpson and Keith Arscott) — Shop Talk (Timberline of Tonbridge) — Woodwork Therapy (Harry Bell) — The Sandown Show — plus news of dates and meetings etc...

Description: Issue 01

Issue 1 — June 2000
Little and Large and something about Long — A complete fabrication! (Colin Simpson explains how he went about buying a wood drying kiln) — plus news of dates and meetings etc...

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